Bienvenidos a la Galería de Héroes y Mártires de Estelí!

Located in Estelí, a city painted in bright murals and alive with revolutionary history, the Gallery of Heroes and Martyrs is an essential stop for any travelers wishing to enrich their understanding of Nicaragua’s tumultuous history of dictatorship, revolution, and war.

The Gallery is a museum commemorating the last century of Nicaragua’s history, highlighting in particular the Revolution and the Contra war of the 1970s and 1980s. Started in 1982 by the Association of Mothers of Heroes and Martyrs, a solidarity group of women whose children were killed during these wars, the museum stands as a poignant memorial to the lives of the thousands of Nicaraguans who died fighting for freedom and revolutionary ideals.

Come explore the museum exhibit’s artifacts:

  • hundreds of photographs of young soldiers who lost their lives in the wars
  • a display of weapons, some homemade, from the insurrection in Estelí
  • personal possessions of the revolutionaries, including clothing and documents
  • original artwork depicting the revolutionary struggle

The exhibit begins with information on the roots of Nicaragua’s struggle to confront imperialism, from General Augusto C. Sandino’s crusade against the invasion by United States Marines to the emergence of the Sandinista party, which arose to challenge the brutality of dictator Anastasio Somoza. The exhibit also chronicles Nicaragua’s struggle to construct a post-revolutionary society reflecting the Sandinista ideals of freedom and equality, while simultaneously fighting off the violent Contra forces.


Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Weekends by appointment

The Gallery is funded solely by donations; your generosity is appreciated to support the upkeep of the museum and the Association of Mothers. Suggested donation is 40 córdobas / US $2 per person.

Mothers of heroes and martyrs are often available to speak about their experiences; to arrange a talk during your visit, see the Contact Us page.

Spanish School

Heroes and Martyrs of Liberation Day Spanish School
La Escuela Héroes y Mártires 16 de Julio- Día de Liberación

The Gallery also offers Spanish School, with professional teachers available for both private and group lessons. Improve conversational fluency, grammatical skills, and Nicaraguan idioms while learning about Nicaraguan history and current events in a very personal, individually tailored setting. All proceeds from the Spanish School help fund the upkeep of the museum. Nicaraguan family homestays with members of the Association of Mothers can also be arranged.

Spanish School: $80 per person for 5 days; 4 hours of class per day (20 hours total).
Spanish School with Homestay: $140 per person for 5 days; 4 hours of class per day plus all meals included.

“Spanish class at the gallery was just what I needed for a successful summer in Nicaragua. It gave me the confidence to use the Spanish I had learned in school, in the real world. I got to ask questions I had had for a long time, and it allowed me to jump into life in Estelí with eagerness and confidence.”
-Dina Rubey, university student and volunteer

“The four hours of class fly by. The teachers make class fun… small classes allow comfort and space to ask questions.”
-Maggie Bishop, university student and volunteeer

Accomodation at the Gallery

Visitors and students are welcome to stay in the Hospedaje Galería, with simple dormitory-style hostel accommodations for up to six people conveniently located in the center of Estelí, just half a block from the central park. Access to kitchen available; meals are not included.

$2 per person per night.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Telephone Numbers:
505 419 3619
505 915 3061

Galería de Héroes y Mártires
Next door to the Casa de Cultura on the north side,
In front of Los Bomberos (Fire Station)
Esteli, Nicaragua

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